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Dolphin Soul Creations Logo - 2 Dolphins Jumping into a Wave over words
Carissa Imel - Photographer

I have Photographed for


Discovery Cove
Royal Rags to Riches
Rags to Riches Designs
JamArt Gallery
Leesburg Humane Society
Fused Glass Frenzy


Peaceful Pastures Ranch
Lil' Bit of Life Ranch
A.P.E.S. Place

Friends & Family
School & Events
Newborn & Kids

My passion is capturing the beautiful soul of all things through photography. I have always shared a connection with animals, especially dolphins. Every animal has a story to tell and it takes time and patience to truly understand them. I hope to inspire others through my art, by having anyone that looks into the eyes of the animals to be overcome with a sense of happiness, relaxation, or have their minds transported away from reality.

My parents have encouraged me in all forms of art ever since I was a little girl, from photography, painting, scrapbooking, jewelry making, and more. Fortunately, I found someone to marry that enjoys being just as creative and always up for an adventure of fun. I have had great friends’ mentor me in photography and taken any opportunity to grow in the field.

I take any opportunity with my husband to grab our cameras and find new areas to photograph. I love living in a state that has a plethora of opportunities year around to take in nature, at lakes, oceans, parks, and more. Our favorite locations are the FL State Parks, Sea World, Zoo Tampa, Busch Gardens, and Wild Florida Park. I am very fortunate to have all the opportunities to make connections with so many different species of animals at my local zoos. The work that zoos and organizations are doing to protect the conservation of all animals is astounding and I would never have the chance to see them in the wild.


'When I look into the eyes of an animal, I do not see an animal. I see a living being. I see a friend.

I feel a soul.' -Anthony Douglas Williams

Dolphin Soul Creations Logo - 2 Dolphins Jumping into a Wave over words
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